Minnesota State Fair 2009

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Jenna said...

I really want to look at the pictures, but I'm actually holding back for now. I think it'll make me depressed that we chose not to go this year. If I were any more pregnant (motivated to induce labor, of course)or less pregnant(because, then I would actually be slightly comfortable), I would have been up for it!!! I'll wait until the Fair is over and there's no chance for me to impulsively run out for a funnel cake!

JPB said...

Jenna! It makes me sad that you did not experience the fair in all its glory.

What an unfortunate time to be in just that stage of pregnancy.

Running out for a funnel cake would have been just the thing, but now that it's safely over you can at least watch the pictures. Look for some non-family pictures soon.

Jen said...


I always look at pregnant women at the fair a little differently after coming out of the miracle of birth center. Sometimes I want to try to keep them from going in there. The cow is just not an image you want to take with you to the delivery room. Need I say more?

Janine the Bean said...

Oh the things we missed by not going to the fair. I'm sad now.

Maybe we can plan our trip to MN during your fair time next time??

Love you guys!