What Has to Happen in Education


Jen said...

Wow! This is wonderful! Dietrich commented today, "Well, I don't really need to learn this, because I'm not going to be a poet!" Yikes! He's already translating education into commodity.

The Six of Us said...

Wow is right. Those were my words too, Jen. Great!

I especially liked the bit (I feel compelled to say that after hearing his accent) about creativity and not being afraid to make mistakes. I particularly need to work on this with my oldest child. Since he was little tiny he has been terrified of doing things wrong and is constantly asking before he does anything. Any hints on helping him know it is okay to make mistakes? My second child sure doesn't seem to mind!

He is hilarious!

JPB said...

You could make Jakey do things he can't possibly do without making "mistakes" - or things that are radically open ended.

Jen said...

One thing we did last week was to create chain reactions (i.e. Rube Goldstein). I googled them to let the kids see lots of ideas. Then let them try it. The only guideline I gave was to start at the end, and work your way backwards.

Perhaps as Jakey grows with brothers he will observe that the world doesn't fall apart if we make mistakes. Some of us might just be wired with more fear of mistakes inside. I feel like I've made a lot of progress as an adult.

Ironically, Nora has the hardest time dealing with her own mistakes, and I've done the best not coming down hard on her. Go figure.

Janine the Bean said...

That was great Jon. I have never heard of this man.

I had been trying to find the time to listen to all 20 minutes of it since you first posted the video. I finally did tonight as JJ is at the library.

Really good video. I'd like to watch it again.

So maybe Dominic is just a DANCER! Tap class here we come.

We have a challenge ahead of us. Especially as educators. Let's not take it lightly.

He's a riot.

I love the Picasso quote:

"All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up."

I hate the phrase "grow up"....for another day.

Janine the Bean said...

I just had to add, I got sidetracked reading up on these TED conferences. Pretty amazing. I had never even heard about TED.

I would love to attend a conference some time. Wow. Just to soak in some of the thoughts of these speakers would be so fun!