Last night I went grocery shopping. As I was walking into the store I realized, "I don't have to hurry!" You see, for I don't know how long, I have been trying to minimize my time in the painful chill of the outdoors. I send Dietrich out to start the car and warm it up. I'm always the last one out of the house to give the car every possible second to warm up. Then its hustle, hustle, hustle as fast as I can to get into the car. Drive to the Y, everyone bail out and take off for the doors. So, last night I leisurely walked with Charis in my arms toward the doors of the grocery store. The wind didn't hurt our faces. It warmed my soul.

(It was 34 degrees)


Mainely Me said...

As I said, I like to be outside and enjoy being there! So glad that it's finally warmed up a little back there.

Janine the Bean said...

34 degrees and balmy, huh?

I know this lovely pocket of the country where winters are much milder. It rains quite a bit, but all in all it's a heavenly place to live.


The Six of Us said...

You can't make snowmen out of rain. We tried.

Of course, you also cannot make snowmen if you are frozen stiff.

Let's all meet in the Idaho/Montana area. Or maybe Bend.

Mainely Me said...

How about Texas or New Mexico?

Jen said...

The fact that you can't make snowmen out of the stuff we have on the ground is one of the biggest disappointment of living here. It's like huge chunks of ice on the ground. Maybe I should take up ice sculpting!