She's Up!

She didn't know what to do with it once she got there, but she did get there all on her own! After about 5 minutes of confusion she just started whimpering.

And by the way, mother of five, homeschooler, Farmer's Market at 8:00 on a Saturday morning, Baby Beorn carrier, mocha, glasses Anna picked out ... doesn't Jen look great?


Janine the Bean said...


You're my hero. And yes, you do look great. Love the glasses. Love you. Whatcha drinkin'?

We need to get back to e-mailing. ;)


Mainely Me said...

Wow! on both accounts.

Crazy mom said...

Way to go! What'd you get at the Farmer's market?


The Six of Us said...

Are you embarassed now, Jen! look great in that shot!

Charis...woo hoo! You go girl! Noah will only get that way if I make him. No "on his own" yet though.