The Last Great Summer Weekend of the Year?

Well, it was officially the last weekend of summer and this time it might have coincided with the last felt weekend of summer. The weather was perfect and we just had to take advantage of it.

Saturday was a great day. We started at the St. Paul Farmer's Market (well ... we started at the Black Dog Coffeeshop, but then walked across the street to the market). The habaneros are getting there but not quite ready yet. I think we got some zucchini. I'm waiting to buy a whole basket of habaneros for my Jamaican hot sauce.

We had enough 'points' at Super America to buy lunch, so we let the kids pick out whatever gas station food they wanted (surprisingly healthy), and from there we headed over to Minnehaha Park. The falls are but a trickle

However, this allowed for some crawdadding at the bottom!!! Dietrich and Anna went after crawdads while Nora and Emily mostly played in the water and Jen and I read. (We're reading N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope for a faculty seminar next week. I forget what Jen was reading.)

Dietrich got two crawdads before we headed home, and with those and some stuff he picked up off of the ground at the Farmer's Market (a piece of lemongrass, some small peppers and some sort of leaf) he made a soup at home.

Here's a slideshow of those goings on:

Saturday evening we had some friends over for a Lord's Day opening celebration and had a very nice time eating, drinking and talking.

Sunday after church Dietrich worked his hands to blisters edging the lawn to earn enough money to buy himself a new Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber and the rest of us watched the Vikings get their first victory, having dumped the thoroughly useless though apparently very nice Tavaris Jackson.

And last night we had perfect weather for a People of Praise (Campus Area - East Area) hayride on Sunday night in Prescott, Wisconsin. Lots of corn and soybeans. Anna started an apple roasting fest. Everyone got some smores. Here's a slideshow.(Don't miss the kids on top of the silo - Jen's idea, I was on the hayride.)

And here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend. (Yes, I know they're all of Nora, but what am I supposed to do????)

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J.J. said...

Wow. Looks like a perfect weekend.