The Best of Anna's Pictures from the Past Few Months

Here are some of Anna's best shots from the last few months, with her comments in quotes.

"I took this picture because of the song about the cactus with the pink flower on it and it matches perfectly."

"This is a picture from our girl time with Aunt Janine."

"This is my cousin Jordyn. I took the picture so I would remember her."

Here is Anna's take on the March on the RNC:

"I took this because I thought it was funny that they put 'Stop War' on a kite and flew it up where everyone could see it."

"I took this because I thought, 'They can't have the troops home now. It would take at least a week to get back from Iraq.'"

"I thought this one was really funny."

"I liked this sky in the morning because it looked like the sea, sort of, when the wind blows on it and it's all bumpy."

"I took a picture of the moon and I accidentally shook my camera."

"So then I tried shaking my camera on purpose and took a bunch of pictures."

"I took a picture of the raccoon because it was sad."

Why was it sad?
I don't know, go ask your dad.

"Emily was like, 'Whoa, look at the sunbeam!' And then she got her camera out to take pictures and I wanted to do the same."

"I took this picture of the state's biggest boar at the Minnesota State Fair."

Any favorites anyone?


Mainely Me said...

Thanks for sharing, Anna! I like the moon pictures. I can't get good moon pictures and I liked the idea of having fun with what you CAN get.

Janine the Bean said...

I love the morning sky picture. Also the cactus one at the top and the "stop war" flag.

Keep shooting Anna. Aidan really wants a camera so he can take more photos.

The Six of Us said...

Where do I start? What great photos, Anna. I think I was about your age when your great grandpa Kenny gave me a camera and some lessons. Keep going!

My favorite is the kite photo. And the "Get troops home now" photo. You are right. They just can't come home now. If only it were that easy.

Love them!