Been Watching the News?

Spent most of the day today downtown and at the capital. More slide shows will follow, I'm sure, but here's my encounter earlier in the day with the anarchists who made all the trouble:

I was also intrigued to discover that the Indy Media sources actually gave better minute by minute information on the rioting and violence (though with a clear slant) than the mainstream media by a long stretch.

I was reading the updates on Twin Cities Indymedia, getting a lot of live video feeds from The Uptake, and listening to Portland Live Radio stream - all of which were providing anti-establishment but up to date reporting on the events, some of which I was witness to.

Below is my favorite non-Anarchist shot from the March on the RNC. These two are the Abercrombie and Fitch protester poster children, a new American Gothic.


Janine the Bean said...

That last photo is great. How fun that you've been able to document some of the action.

JPB said...

Yea, that was so fun I thought about skipping school today ... but only for about 5 seconds ... maybe as few as three.

This is what happens when you're at a place that encourages "life long learning" :-)

Janine the Bean said...

I might have skipped.

That really is a great photo. YOu need to use it for something...don't know what...but something.