Some Summer Fun

A few highlights from the leisure (and labor) of the past week:

Dietrich and I got to go to the Centennial Lakes mini-golf course in Edina (over in the swanky part of the Twin Cities).

Wow. It's mini-golfing like you've never seen before, basically really nice turf greens laid out like fairways.

Here's Dietrich teeing off:

and lining up a putt:

A lot of fun!

One day during Anna's art camp we also checked up on the progress of the 35W bridge:

And we got a chance to check out Minnehaha Falls and play in Minnehaha Creek.

Then there was the labor.

We discovered a satellite colony of carpenter ants living in your beloved play structure out back, so ...

and ...

I just hope we got them all. We're still discovering some in the house, but that could be because of the disruption of this colony and the huge one that the neighbors discovered in a dead tree they pulled down in their backyard. Pray that they haven't invaded the house aggressively or anything.


Edewards Family Blog said...

Your poor play structure. Were the kids sad to have it torn down. We have a tree house here in the stumps of the poplar trees that were cut down earlier this year. I think Jordyn and Jackson would be devastated if it had to be torn down. They split their outdoor time between the tree house and the trampoline.

Mainely Me said...

How sad! Didn't Dad help you tote that structure home in his truck? Certainly, though, we hope the infestation is gone.

Paul & Beth said...

Great close up of the dragon fly!