Anna's Art Camp

This past week Anna has been attending art camp at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Friday we got to go and see what she had been working on! Up till then it had all been very hush-hush.

Here's the classroom where she was working

And here's some of the art a little closer.

Finally, here's a sampling of Anna's output from the week, during which the students focused on 'magical creatures'

"Unicorn Against Yellow Hills" - Watercolor

"Dragon in Brown Hills Against the Moon" - Oil on Canvas

"Unicorn Sculpture on Rainbow Canvas" - Mixed Media

Detail: "Unicorn Sculpture on Rainbow Canvas" - Mixed Media

and my favorite...

"Sea Serpent" - Mixed Media

The kids worked a lot on line, color, and texture. Overall, I think Anna really enjoyed it and we certainly had fun.


Mainely Me said...

Anna, I think my favorite is the Unicorn Against Yellow Hills. Great job! Grammy

Janine the Bean said...

Wow Anna,

I wish I could go to art camp!

I love the sea serpent the most. Which was YOUR favorite to do?

Jodi said...

Can we move there? I miss the city!

Janine the Bean said...

Nothing's holding you back Jodi. ;)

Jen said...

Yes! Please move here! I'll do my best to recruit you when you're here next week! I can't wait!