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... the role of hope in the Christian vision for the world.

Something came up in my global issues course the other day as we discussed the AIDS crisis in Zimbabwe. The young lady giving presentation pointed out that without adequate treatment options, of the biggest causes of the spread of HIV is that those who are infected take an "eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow I die" attitude. This would, of course, be interrupted if they told their sexual partners that they had AIDS and some don't even go to get tested for this reason.

We started talking about the fact that monogamy - a tenet of basic Christian morality - would end the AIDS crisis in one or two generations.

But one student asked a probing question, "Yea, so you can tell someone who doesn't have AIDS, 'Don't have sex with more than one partner or you'll get AIDS and die,' but what are we are Christians supposed tell the person who already has aids and is already going to die?"

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Janine the Bean said...

This is a student who will go far in the world if he or she keeps asking these questions.

A very good question. So...what did you say?