Last Weekend of Open Access

Invitations have gone out to those who responded that they would like to continue reading the blog. If I missed you, let me know.

I will switch to "invited readers only" on Monday, so if you didn't get an invitation and still want to read the blog, contact me by then!


Jenna said...

yeah. i still want access to your blog!! i'm just a procrastinator. so. my email is thar.

Claire said...

This is Claire Mysliwiec. I am a PoP missionary in Indianapolis. We haven't met, but I enjoy reading your blog and would like to be able to keep reading. My e-mail is As a Trinity at Meadow View grad who is currently taking a break from college, it's fun to read your posts, especially about scripture, literature and teaching. Congrats on your new position. God bless!

Bridget said...

Hi it's Bridget Horan and I would really like to keep reading - my email is