Quote of the Day 5/02/09

The Sympathetic Mind leaves the world whole, or it attempts always to do so. It looks upon people and other creatures as whole beings. It does not parcel them out into functions and uses. The Rational Mind, by contrast, has rested its work for a long time on the proposition that all creatures are machines. This works as a sort of strainer to eliminate impurities such as affection, familiarity and loyalty from the pursuit of knowledge, power and profit.

Wendell Berry in "Two Minds"


Mainely Me said...

Since this is Derby Day and it's on my mind, is this why I love the story of Seabiscuit, the little horse that no one but those who knew and loved him thought had a chance?
No deep theology here, just a thought:)

JPB said...

Well ... today's derby was even more shocking, huh?