Cow and Boy - Berry and Earth Day

I was having a discussion with my sisters recently about what Wendell Berry might think of something like "Earth Day." I would put myself more in the Wendell Berry camp than the "Earth Day" camp, as I think the latter probably leaves a larger 'carbon footprint' through advertising than anything else and is more hype than hope whereas what Wendell Berry is doing has some significant integrity and merit. (Though, I must confess, my feelings for Berry's project are also ambiguous.)

At any rate, I saw this Cow and Boy comic on Sunday and couldn't help posting it.

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Aaron and Joy Edewards said...

Even though my post was titled Earth Day I was more joking then serious. I am more along the lines of Dave Berry also. Mom and I were talking that day and kind of laughed about it. She has been composting, cloth diapering and recycling for 35+ years. Not much mention was made then but NOW it is trendy. Just kind of funny what it takes to make something popular. Do you remember the Garbers? Now they were true earth friendlies. Organic when organic was not cool. It's like shopping at Goodwill and thrift stores. Why couldn't that have been cool when we were in high school?

The Six of Us said...

I Still don't know what I think about it.

I am okay with day out of many to focus on one interest; a reminder of things that are important or worth remembering. I don't think we (or most people) would celebrate holidays that are not important to our everyday lives anyways. (Kwanzaa Ramadan, etc). Although there are those who will celebrate any reason to shop or entertain themselves.

Putting a fun or memorable face on certain issues is worthwhile, in my opinion, especially for kids.

Wow...there is a lot about this that I haven't thought out.


The Six of Us said...


And that cartoon made me laugh out loud.

Charlotte said...

I love Wendell Berry. I really, really love him. Non-fiction, fiction, poetry--all of it. Even though I may not agree with him on some issues, he makes me think. And his fiction makes me weep. (Hannah Coulter, Jayber Crow, etc.)

I'm not sure what I think about Earth Day, either. We haven't ever celebrated it. Maybe we should. My kids somehow picked up on it (probably from their schools) and did a few environmentally friendly things on their own. They do those things on a regular basis, though, because there's so much out there that they are exposed to that reinforces the ideas of reduce, re-use, recycle. examples: Jack Johnson music & Bob the Builder episodes. And probably other Noggin shows that throw in politically correct, Earth Day-ish themes here and there.

Also--I linked to you on my blog today. I'm going to give techno-Sabbatarianism a try starting Sunday.

Paul & Beth said...

I would think that "celebrating" (however we choose to celebrate or mention) Earth day, would give us a good reminder, as some things do, to take care of what God has given us ....Gen 1:28-31, Psalm 8. Especially since we are to pass on to our children, the messages in the Bible. Coming from a different perspective from the world, we might also have the opportunity to share with non-believers our testimony, and what is important to us.