Homeschool High-Tech

The kids were doing some work in science yesterday with measurements and data. They put cups of boiling, room temperature, and cold tap water outside to see how fast each would freeze. They also made hypotheses as to how long it would take each to freeze.

When they were done recording the data, though, rather than make a chart we decided to work with a spreadsheet! So they learned not only about data and about the behavior of water but also about spreadsheets, data entry, and making charts!

Here are the results. Note that there are two charts here with two distinct keys:

(click the picture for a screen sized version)


The Six of Us said...

That is really cool! It must be cold there or something. :)

Mainely Me said...

May I come to your school?

Janine the Bean said...


Jen said...

We have an opening for Grandmas and Grandpas ANYTIME!!! Please come.

Jenna said...

I'm such a homeschool wannabe. It's January. Time to make decisions. I'll be wrestling with the decision for awhile again. And your really cool chart isn't helping.

I observed at the boys' school the other day and came away asking Avery, "Can you even learn in that environment???" *sigh*

(by the way, does it bother anyone else that "homeschool" is not recognized as a word by spell check???)

Ben said...

Science wins again.