Ice and Snow Adventure

Instead of working on the computer or watching a ball game Sunday afternoon, I ended up going on a snow and ice adventure hike with Dietrich and Emily. (Anna had a friend over.) The chances of this having happened without technoSabbatarianism is ... next to nil. Another benefit!

Here are some shots:

The next three are Dietrich and Emily breaking through a small ice fall ... and cozying in.

And this was breaking a hole through the ice ... right before the grand colapse.


Mainely Me said...

Beautiful, just beautiful, the photos and the event.
The photo of the clinging leaf ranks up there with the dove nesting in the cactus. It grabbed at my heart. All I could say was, "Oh. Oh. Just look." There are words there somewhere, just not that I can get to.

Janine the Bean said...

I love the leaf photo as well. That's a great shot.

Jon, I must say that technosabbatarianism is becoming a huge blessing to me as well.

JJ and I have been doing some re-thinking on how we keep the Sabbath. My thoughts are changing in this area and your decision spurred me on even further.