Christmas Slideshow - Highlights

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Janine the Bean said...

Crap. Nora's hat is too small.

I'll have to send another one.

Well, I hope they enjoy them. I felt bad after I sent them that I didn't just go ahead and make one for Dietrich too. Would he still like that sort of thing?

Maybe one of these years we can come to Minnesota for a white Christmas. :)

Love you all.

JPB said...

I think her hat's fine! She didn't complain. They all love them. Thanks a lot.

Janine the Bean said...

Well, if she thinks it's okay, I think it's okay.


Ask Dietrich if he wants a hat. I'll do a custom job. :)

Mainely Me said...

Thanks for sharing your day and your family. Looks to have been a beautiful day.

Jen said...

Yeah, Dietrich would like a hat. It's rather an important part of clothing here. I've decided that I'm going to use my Christmas money to get a nice hat. My vanity has fought it for 13 years. It's time to succumb. Can I buy one from you, Janine?

Jen said...

Nora does have a bit of a large head. I think it's all the "oh, aren't you cute!" comments she hears!

Janine the Bean said...

Why don't you tell Dietrich to give me an order then.

Sorry I didn't get ear flaps on them. It got rushed towards the end.

I can make you a hat too Jen. I'm going to try to experiment with some new patterns. I'll send you some.


The Six of Us said...

I think this is the first time I have seen Christmas photos of your family. Blogs are great for this. We miss you guys!

Looks like you had a relaxing time.

I hope you liked the picture, I wanted to find a Steve Hanks print of children, but they were a bit above the price cap.

Love you all!