Unbelievable Deal

So this is what the bottom of Jen's receipt looked like when she came out of Lund's after church today:

Yes, that's right.

Total ......................... 2.00
Cash Tendered ................. 5.00
Cash Change ................... 3.00
You saved a grand total of ..... 51.80

It turns out that between Progresso soup being on sale and some weird "buy 5 save $5" thing on a number of items, Progresso soups only were 10 cents a can! That's over $100 of soup for $4.

I could hardly believe it.

Needless to say, I went in and scored the same deal (20 can limit). And there's nothing that says you can't go back for more and the deal doesn't expire till Wednesday, so who knows. We may be storing up for Y3K.

If you live in the cities, swoop down upon your local Lunds and Byerly's and pick some up. Even if you don't like soup! If nothing else, pick some up for your local food shelf or charity drive.


Jen said...

What Jon failed to mention is that is HIS receipt. MY receipt said Total: $1.25, because I saw in the newspaper 2 coupons for Progresso soup. SO, I saved an additional $0.75! 20 cans of soup for $1.25

Janine the Bean said...

I bow down to you, oh Savings Godess.

Hey, cheap soup? We better move to Minnesota now! We don't have one of those stores here.

Jen said...

The greatest irony of this is that the only reason we ususally go to these stores is for the free samples. We can't afford their prices! The stores are CARPETED!

Anonymous said...

But you don't need to have the coupon to get the buy 5, save $5, right?

Mainely Me said...

Awesome! Could you pick some us for us:)? That is a brand of canned soup I actually like.

Jen said...

You do not need a coupon! I weant back to Byerly's this morning.