The Road to Hell

We came to an interesting conclusion about Augustinian morality and spirituality in 12th grade humane letters this morning as we read and discussed the first seven sections of Augustine's "The Spirit and the Letter."

For Augustine, the road to hell is paved not so much with good intentions as with virile but dispassionate obedience.


Josh said...

Obedience to the Lord being more important than making sacrifices to or for him has been a common theme of conversations, thoughts, and prayer recently (see 1 Sam 15:22, Heb 10:8-9 and Prov 21:3). I wonder what kind of obedience Augustine is think of when he credits it with leading people to Hell.

JPB said...

Well you've read it, Josh! How disappointing. :-)

Here's a quote, though:

"A man's free-will, indeed, avails for nothing except to sin, if he knows not the way of truth; and even after his duty and his proper aim shall begin to become known to him, unless he also take delight in and feel a love for it, he neither does his duty, nor sets about it, nor lives rightly. Now, in order that such a course may engage our affections, God's love is shed abroad in our hearts, not through the free-will which arises from ourselves, but through the Holy Ghost, which is given to us. [Romans 5:5]"