Sibley Part Two

Here are some more shots and thoughts on our week at Sibley State Park.

First of all, here's a little slideshow of Dietrich and his friends getting ready to go out tubing:

And here they are coming back in:
(Note who's not on the tube in the last shot.)

And here's Dietrich's first shot at getting up on water skis. These shots are about all she wrote:

Overall, he had a really good time in the water.

Thursday morning we had a pancake breafast. The dads cooked and the boys and a couple girls helped serve through the window.

We got to play a nice softball game one morning and Anna even managed to get a hit all by herself!

Charis mostly hung out, including with our kids' regular babysitter Katy.

Jen got to fire a potato cannon ... well ... a potato cannon modified into an apple cannon because we were out of potatoes. The look on her face is worth clicking to the Picasa web-album.

This is Martha, who came along as a guest of our family and was a tremendous help with the kids:

Jen learned how to play 500, a card game with an interesting history that remains something of an upper-Midwest phenomenon.

Charis got to be held by Jesus, who just came up for the weekend.

Emily got addicted to Tintin and, as you can see, drew other kids into her addiction.

And I got enough good clouds and free hours at night to play around with my photography!


Janine the Bean said...

You got some great photos Jon. I love the ones of Charis on Jen's lap.

This looks like such a fun time. I wish we did things like this with church people. Maybe we just need to move out and join POP.

And I agree. It was worth it to see Jen's face shooting the potato gun. ;)

Dominic was on my lap and said, "Where's Carrot?" (What he affectionately calls Charis).

Mainely Me said...

Looks like a good time with a real variety of activities. Sure do like your sky shots, especially the second one. Wow.