My Girls

I'm not a particularly sentimental guy. In fact, I more often use the word as a term of disapproval.

Furthermore, I prefer to take off the cliche colored glasses in favor of a plain vision of what is there in all its splendor of particularity ("All things counter, original, spare, strange").

For those and other reasons, I am not a regular listener to Christian radio.

But for some reason, maybe because it was Sunday, maybe because Anna and I were alone together in the car our way to pick up doughnuts, I turned on KLUV this morning and this was the first song I heard, one that I had never heard before:

Let's just say that sometimes sentiment and cliche hit just the right note.

Though I once jokingly referred to my troop of girls as "the wrestling dynasty that could have been," the relationship expressed in this song is one I both cherish and look forward to.

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Janine the Bean said...

You ought to listen to it along with his commentary. Joy posted it on her blog soon after the death of Stephen Curtis Chapman's daughter. As a mom of boys, this song makes ME cry. But, you know...I was a daughter.

There's nothing wrong with sentimentality. Your girls are priceless: