Day at Home

We finally got everyone together at once in their new "sweet 16" shirts. Here are the best shots we could get of 15 kids 10 and under and one in the oven:

And here's another slideshow of the surrounding beautiful chaos.


Mainely Me said...

Dad's comment: If we were there I would take them all to Denny's Kids-Eat-Free Tuesday just to see if they would ask for some proof that they weren't a day care group or something.
I'm amazed at the number of smiling face you were able to get with no criers!
And there's Heads Up Charis again. Does she miss anything? And Noah joined her this time. You'll get there Simeon and Oliver!

Janine the Bean said...

Simeon can hold his big noggin up. He was just tired. He has all that brain to hold up and it just gets exhausting sometimes. ;)

Jen said...

Aaron had the same idea as George. Watch the waitresses pale at our arrival!