Lots of Pics for Grammy and Grampy

Again, rather than write a lot I've just captioned the photos.

We're having a good time, though!

Tomorrow we head to Silver Creek Falls.


Mainely Me said...

I decided to check the blogs and email one last time before going to bed and: "George! There are pictures!" We just finished the slide show and I'm a little overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing. Mom

Jodi said...

If you think looking at the pictures is overwhelming...try being here. Let's just say we haven't had many deep conversations.

JPB said...

So you don't want any more pictures?

Mainely Me said...

What overwhelmed me was the enormity of my blessing in terms of God fearing children; the beauty of all those little 'wildflowers' playing together; and the thought, "That's a lot of people to pray for".
There's more, but I can't put words around it.
Enjoy your day at the falls and don't let any kids go over!