Happy Birthday Elanor!!!

Nora turned four years old yesterday.
After we honored her (it's a People of Praise tradition to take birthdays as an opportunity to publicly honor each other) I asked her what she had to say about being four:
"My cake is lov-e-ly and ... tastable."
God bless you, Baby Girl!!


Janine the Bean said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Jodi said...

May God bless your fourth year!

Paul & Beth said...

Happy Birthday, dear Nora...Happy birthday to you!

I know we don't really know each other, but we ARE related just the same. I do know your daddy...he's pretty special.

So hope you had a fun 4th birthday...with God's blessings!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We look forward to having you over to play again soon.

The Roots