Anna's Wrestling Debut

Anna also made her wrestling debut at last weekend's meet!

But before you get concerned (there are girl wrestlers -- against whom we have to forfeit if we come up against them), Anna debuted as a "wacker." Someone has to go out to the referee and tap him on the back when the time expires for the period.

One of the tournament organizers came up to us early in the meet and asked if Anna wanted to do it. She was really hesitant at first but he showed her how to do it a couple of times and then she did it the whole day! Eventually they even turned the stopwatch over to her and she got a free lunch out of the deal.

Here are some pictures:

And here is one more of Dietrich sixteen seconds before recording his new fastest pin:

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Jodi said...

Good for Anna! This brings back SO many memories of traveling to your games and all the fun it was! Bleachers, concession stands, being around the "big kids" and all of that! Looks fun!

Oh...and Jake asked when WE get to see him wrestle. Tell Dietrich he may have to put on a wrestling camp for all of these little boys when he is here!