NSPSL 75lb #2

Well, Dietrich fell one win short of being the champion at 75lb, but had a great run and finished second. He had won by fall in the quarterfinals and the semifinals (with another fun to watch granby) but came up against a really tough sixth grader in the finals. The other kid (who had beaten Dietrich earlier in the season 8 - 4) got the early take down and then controlled the first and second periods, going into the third period up 8 - 0. But with about 20 seconds left in the match, Dietrich got a strong reversal to a near fall and almost got the pin, but the match ended 8-5.

Trinity had a very good day at the North Suburban Parochial League individual tournament as well. 2 first place finishers, 2 second place finishers and 2nd overall in the tournament.

I'll put a slideshow up of highlights from the season soon. Meanwhile, here are three shots from the individual tournament, including the final almost-winning roll (at which point I stopped shooting and started yelling.)

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Janine the Bean said...

Great job Dietrich! Next time we see you maybe JJ can teach you some of his old moves. Did you know he was a wrestler?