Historical Marker

An historical marker showed up in our front yard this morning after the 2 - 3 inches of snow we got.

Here's the sign:

Made Historical Marker on March 17, 2008
On this spot some 40
snowmen tried to kill the
White Indian. The ground is
still stained red from the 40 deaths
that occured here

Dietrich and Anna Balsbaugh watched
hopelessly as the snowmen died
They are the only living wittneses

And here are some shots of what appears to be a memorial to the occasion:


Sheila said...

that's AWESOME. So Calvin & Hobbes.

Janine the Bean said...

Oh my word! Okay, I'm convinced now that kids getting older is not a bad thing. That's hilarious. It almost makes me want to move to Minnesota again. I miss you guys and love your kids' creativity.

Jan said...

As I studied these photos, I think I recognized the location as the exact spot where we have parked the motor home. Does the placement of this monument mean we will no longer be able to park there?mgayqw

Snufkin said...

You can still park there grandma just be careful the White Ninja can pop up anywhere.

Crazy mom said...

Oh, the carnage! It's almost unbearable....