Last Saturday Jen had a women's day of reflection with the People of Praise.

The studied the Lectio Divina method of scriptural reflection - an ancient praxis but not a heck of a lot different from a lot of Evangelical bible-study methods.

Meanwhile the kids and I made our way as best we could.

We actually had a lot of fun. We rode the light rail into downtown Minneapolis (Nicollet Mall) where we visited the new Hennepin County Central Library for the first time.

It's quite a place.

The later we went to half price books and each of the kids picked out a book from the clearance section.

On an unrelated note, for those who are interested, Dietrich improved to 11-0 in a tough 9 -2 victory but had to pull out of his two other exhibitions matches (disappointing for him) because of severe cramp in his stomach muscle. It's now fine and we're looking forward to a possible tournament this weekend (depending upon baby) and two very tough dual meets next week.

Then the week following we finish up the season with the final four team meet and the individual tournament!

Here are some pictures of the events:

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