Life and Art

OK, did the news today that the Oasis of the Seas had made its way out to see stir any thoughts in anyone else of a certain Pixar movie that came out last year?

I find the whole Oasis of the Seas a bit disturbing in light of Axiom.

Here's the deck (no pun intended) of a Washington Post article on the ship:

A ship so big it has seven neighborhoods, four pools, an amphitheater and more. Who needs to go ashore?

Here is a slideshow of some concept drawing and a photo:

God help us all.


Janine the Bean said...

Wow. That's freakishly similar. The captain's logs made me laugh. I have to say, that would NOT be my choice of getaways. Eat, sleep, eat more, shop, and be entertained to death all in one large ship!

But what I want to know is, do the people get hovercraft to move about?

Janine the Bean said...


Time to update the blog. I"m tired of looking at this.