Guess Who?

Well, we have our first broken bone in the family.

One of the children and I were in the Children's Hospital ER till 12:00 last night (very busy evening, of course). But we learned a lot about the amazing healing power of clavicles and got some Tylenol 3.

Guess who?

Click here to find out.


Amy said...

Ok wow. Remember the bones vs. blood conversation we had earlier? I really had hoped for a different picture.. maybe some cool new open heart surgery you tried on your pet frog or something. But the broken bone thing..
Hope you feel better, Sweetie!
We are praying for a quick recovery.

Grams said...

I KNEW it! I was right! Hope she's ok. Broken clavical is fairly common with skiers, actually.

Paul & Beth said... did it happen? Is she the daring one? We will pray for quick healing!

The Six of Us said...

So sorry Emily! How is she doing now?