Lakeville Regional

Deitrich had a really tough bracket at the Lakeville Regionals this year! There were four or five really tough kids including two who Dietrich has lost to before pretty badly, so we were pretty sure he would have to come up with an upset to make it to state. And then most of the other kids were also pretty tough, certainly better than the kids he wrestles in his parochial league.

He wrestled his best, won his first match by pin, then lost his second 11-4 to the All American who pinned him earlier in the season. Once that happens you go into a bracket where you have to wrestle more matches. But he won his third and fourth matches to set up another tough match with the kid who took third at state last year. He lost 6-0 but wrestled him much better.

That was supposed to be the end of the going back to sate hopes, as his next match would be for fifth place ... one spot out of it.

But we got word that the kid who took second was not going to be able to go and was going to have forfeit his papers, making Dietrich's last match for a shot to go to state again!

Dietrich almost got a takedown with a high-crotch, but couldn't quite finish. The period ended 0-0.

Dietrich deferred for the second period and the kid chose down. Dietrich rode him out for the period but couldn't turn him. Still 0-0.

Dietrich chose down for the third period and with about 20 seconds left got a 2 point reversal for the win!

Pretty exciting! So now it's on to state!

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Mainely Me said...

Wow! How's your blood pressure? Congratulations, Dietrich! when and where is the state competition?