Everything's amazing, and nobody's happy.

My sister alerted me to this Conan O'Brien interview that has significant technoSabbatarian overtones.

What do you think?


Jenna said...

a friend sent this to me just a few days ago. pretty funny stuff. so true. i feel i should admit that i keep up approximately four windows so that i have something to look at while my page loads. and it's not *that* slow!

beware of his other stuff. funny, but foul.

JPB said...

I've heard as much (about the other stuff).

I'm really only interested in this bit. Thanks for the warning for other readers' sakes! (I often forget about things like that. You like one bit ... you look for something else ... oh ... wowsers!)

Tom Bowar said...

This reminds me of how often I think about the remarkable changes I have seen in my lifetime. I have no doubt that I have seen more change in my life that any previous generation has seen, and probably multiple generations before me, just from the invention of the computer and digital electronics alone.

And this clip is really funny too. I secretly still get a big thrill every time I fly.

JPB said...

You know ... our generation(s) have certainly seen a tremendous amount of change, Tom ... but my great grandparents drove in a covered wagon, saw the first manned flight (as in the Wright brothers) and then lived to see the first man on the moon. I just can't even imagine that.

And I wonder if our kids aren't in for something just as amazing with the integration of nano-technology into human systems, bio-engineering, etc.

Tom Bowar said...

I think you got me there, Jon.

Jeff said...

He is right on, unbelievable. It reminds me of a theme that has been materializing as i have tried to eat better. The movement from a place of comfort or pleasure to less comfort or pleasure usually brings fear and anxiety, but the reality is usually always less painful and much more interesting. Your experience embracing the cold comes to mind.