His "Why I'm not on Twitter" is my "Why I'm not on Twitter"

And there is some other really excellent stuff here as well.

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Janine the Bean said...

I agree. Let others be good at twitter.

Honestly though, I think twitter is...well...the name itself implies what it is. A fun chance to be witty? Maybe. For me I don't have or want to take the time. It's just like constant facebook status, right? Little bits and sayings of what's happening in your life? Maybe I misunderstand it and people use it for greater good.

I like his idea of influencing others in this clip. The "tribe" idea is one I admire and think is more effective than "yelling" at everyone and trying to convince the world of what they need.

Other people have to WANT to hear what you're saying.

He makes some good points.

Now quit distracting me with longer videos.

No, keep the thought-provoking videos coming. I enjoy them.