Everything a Song Should Be

Townes Van Zandt, "She Came and She Touched Me"

The song is well composed, the voice is fit to it and the lyrics are fabulous.

Illusions projected
On walls made of tiffany
Mad minuets to
A sad satin song

And harlequin mandolins
Harmonize helplessly
Hoping that endlessly
Won’t last for long


dietrich said...

I don't know what the song is about.

Mainely Me said...

Thanks for that, Dietrich! I was going to email your Papa and see if he could give me a little instruction.

JPB said...

Well you have to feel your way into it!

Mainely Me said...

Hey,I FEEL a lot of things when I listen to it. Perhaps I need to listen a few more times, in solitude.

JPB said...

Well ... it begins with a girl and it ends with a girl and in the middle there is an empty social scene in a bar. And from there I think there's a lot to go on.

But it is very imagistic.