Thinking About ...

... small talk again.

I used to despise small talk. Now I think it's essential to a rightly ordered human community.

Small talk seems to occupy an essential middle position between intense conversation and silence.


Abraham said...

And not only does it fulfill a role in the middle, there is often depth in it that someone who hates it for its lack of depth can't see.

JPB said...

Amen! I think of Hopkins's "Pied Beauty" or any of Wendell Berry's novels (Jayber Crow especially)

And, I think of fishing with my grandfather, woodcutting with my fathers and uncles, and being in the kitchen with my aunts on Thanksgiving Day.

All of these have a depth to them that can't be underestimated.

Janine the Bean said...

Ah, Jayber Crow.

That book moves me. It's definitely one of my top ten favorite books.

Your comment brought a smile to my face Jon.

I agree with the both of you and couldn't have said it better myself.