Get Out the Olive Skinned Crayons

A little tiff two of my young nephews were having about how to draw God, combined with some meditations I'm working through at a People of Praise conference on friends hip with God led me to this piece of advice for young Maxwell the artist.

If you want to color God, Max, what you want is some crayolas that approximate a dusty, olive-skinned look, a good sense for the Semitic profile and some rough edged Palestinian paper.

"He that hath seen me, hath seen the Father."



Yeah. Beard, sandals, robe, slightly effeminate hairdo. I've seen the stained glass. ;)

The Six of Us said...

I am playing up the "can't draw God" until Christmas. Then our lesson in the incarnation will begin. However...I am not sure He was speaking of physical attributes. (?)

JPB said...

But if you don't acknowldege that God was fully presented in the incarnate person of Jesus ... well ... there are several major early heresies you can choose from. To see Jesus physically was to see God incarnate. His physicality was not a cloak or a mask of his truly spiritual divinity.