Two Reasons to Buy Live and Bootleg Albums

Here's one of my favorite Dylan songs, "Shelter from the Storm" from the 1974 studio album Blood on the Tracks.

Now here's the "same" song from 1979's Live at Budokan.

And, finally, my favorite (so far) from 1976's live album Hard Rain.

It's amazing.

It's not even the same song.

And if I would have held on to my bias towards studio albums I never would have heard two of my other favorite Dylan songs that just happen to go by the same title and have the same words.

In fact, the Hard Rain version is so good, it deserves live video:


Jeremy and Ang said...

are you a record guy or disc? Jeremy just got a new record player that he loves. He is right though...they do sound awesome on LP. how many dylan's do you have left to get to have your collection complete?

in case you didnt see my last comment...this is ang hashberger. now littrell.

JPB said...

Hi Angie,

I left a comment on your blog, but it doesn't look like you update often :-)

I would like to be an 'LP guy' but CDs are so darn convenient.

As for my collection, I've got all the studio albums and am working on the live sets and bootlegs (official). I guess when I finish that I'll have to start collecting the unofficial (real) bootlegs!

Jeremy and Ang said...

hehehe... yes..i don't update much. But. my early new year's resolution is to really begin.

I have a myspace page that i have blogged some on and has pictures of jeremy and I. its You just have to type in my new last name. Littrell. i rarely use it but i haven't uploaded new pictures to facebook. And facebook is kind of annoying because you really don't get to know's just surface.

You and your sisters have really challenged me in your blogging. God has been working on me a lot in this first year of marriage about transparency. I'm an easy laugh and I write a lot of humor but i have been so fearful of writing anything deep. I think I have been so scared of people truly knowing me and my struggles and my joys. Its so much easier to be the comic relief. :o)

Jeremy and Ang said...

as far as records...Jeremy has about a dozen new records and then he bought a whole slew of someone's dusty garage collection off craig's List. Now in our garage because of my allergies. After the price of his player (marantz), I told him he was going to have to be cheap. :o) heheehe.