OK, she said, "Pa-pa" several times Sunday morning in response to my saying "Pa-pa." I swear.

Last night when technoSabbath was over, I couldn't get her to do it. I thought she was maybe tired.

So this morning I woke up and said, "Charis, say 'Pa-pa.'" Right off the bat, she says, "Pa-pa."

So I go to get Anna's camera with the video. Nothing. 30 minutes of "Say 'Pa-pa,' Charis. Say 'Pa-pa." Nothing. But at least I got some video -- bad quality but entertaining. Here are a couple clips.

And what does little Care Bear do when she's watching the video? "Pa-pa."



The Six of Us said...

uh huh.

No really, I think I'm going to nicname her supergirl. She sure does show her boy cousins up.

JPB said...

Girls always mature faster than boys, Jodi. Not that you would know.

Jen said...

Wow, Jon. I know you didn't MEAN that to sound like that!

JPB said...

Ooops. Right.

You know ... not that we should know from OBSERVING.

Of course ... well ... you know ... of course she would know from EXPERIENCE


Janine the Bean said...

I wouldn't know the first thing about girls of my OWN.

I'm sure Jodi didn't take offense. It's reality. We have a male-dominant clan between the two of us.

Cute videos nonetheless.

I could swear that Simeon tries to say "Dom."

The Six of Us said...

First reading of your comment: "Okay..I'm still blaming my late age bed wetting on sister cruelty"

Second reading...yeah...I wouldn't really know around here. I am just amazed that I have a crawler before 10 months.

No offense.