In a shocking turn of events, former overprotective blog manager J. Balsbaugh has shifted course and added his wife as an author to his blog, Balsbaugh7.

In response to requests from his sister and a note in a fortune cookie, the famous crumudgen unexpectedly signed on, clicked Dashbard > Settings > Permissions > Add Author and typed in her e-mail address!

"I was shocked," commented the eldest child and only son of the couple. "Papa's going to let Mommy post things on the blog? What next, no football on Sunday?"

Analysts suspect that this move will mean big changes at Balsbaugh7, but also suspect that it is related to the formation earlier this week of Mr. Balsbaugh's second blog, technoSabbatarian. Mr. Balsbaugh rejects this notion, saying, "Nonsense. It was just time. That's all. I look forward to my wife's contributions to Balsbaugh7 like I look forward to her homemade chicken pot pie (which I'm sure she'll post the recipe for)."

Mrs. Balsbaugh was unavailable for comment at press time.


Amy said...

I actually wouldn't mind no football on Sunday here in MN because then I could watch my Packer games! (But then I guess that wasn't really the point of the post)
So...about that chicken recipe...can you post it, Mrs. Balsbaugh?


Jeff said...

Excellent, a drudgelikeonionesque headline, i was compelled to snoop.

Janine the Bean said...

The readers are anxiously awaiting her posts.

The Six of Us said...

HOORAY!!! It's about time!!!

(not that I don't thoroughly enjoy your posts, Jon...we just want Jen as well.)

And who wrote the post? Very nice reporting!