Did it

I managed to block out all election coverage last night. I found out when I went into work (it took a shocking 7 minutes) that we had the first African-American president and that I still didn't know who the senator from Minnesota will be.

All policies aside, I am glad that we may finally have a difinitive answer to at least a couple of these decades old questions


Janine the Bean said...

I knew before I clicked on the video that you'd picked this song. :)

I can't believe you missed the results for that long. That's pretty amazing, really.

Mainely Me said...

I'm not pinning my hopes on finding the answers to these questions being found in the change of a political administration:)

JPB said...

Well, the reality of an African-American as president really does transform the civil rights landscape and will do so not only in the Democratic party but also in the nation.

With reference to where we have been on race in America, Obama's presidency is a testament to where we have come and a foundation for continuing to move forward.

I can't think of a policy that he has proposed that I am in %100 agreement with, but this will make me proud to salute him as President and Commander in Chief.

"How many roads must a man walk down, before we call him a man?" We have a great ways to go, but this is a step in the right direction.

The Six of Us said...

With my little black child on my lap I will admit I shed a tear at the roads being paved through this.

Agree or not...it is a great step for civil rights.