The Last Battle

We started reading The Last Battle at the dinner table last night, having spent the last couple years in Naria after our meals.

I don't think I'm going to make it.

I choke up at a simple sentence like, "The last of the Kings of Narnia sat under the great oak which grew beside the door of his little hunting lodge," or at the enslavement and beating of the talking horse by the Calormenes, or at the death of the Dryads at the felling of Lantern Waste.

What a great set of stories.

If you have never read them before or haven't read them since childhood and you've grown younger since, read them again.

Any favorite Narnian moments?



Just finished reading them to my daughter. She's a real fan. Once my son is old enough I'll start again. I like the sequence in the attic at the start of the first book. I prefer the Narnia books to the three sci-fi efforts, and the great divorce. The allegory in those was too forced, and the story took a back seat to the ideas.

The BBC dvd collection of the Narnia books is a good children's adaptation. It only has the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair, though.

Edewards Family Blog said...

We made it through the first 3 before moving. I packed them away carefully because the kids loved them and so do I. We anticipated starting back in when we unpacked in our new home. Well, 18 months later we still don't have the "new home" to unpack in. Maybe someday we will unpack the uhaul and find all of our treasures including our beloved Chronicles of Narnia books. The children have decided to be Susan (Jordyn), Prince Caspian (Jackson), Lucy as Lucy, and even baby Vaughn will participate as Edmond. they love the stories (and the movies). They sat in the theatre through both movies and pointed out how they were different than the books. Makes me happy to know they really did listen when I was reading to them.