Charis on her Way to Upright and Mobile

So, last night I heard from upstairs. "Jon, get up here quick!!! You've got to see this!"

I scrambled up the stairs in my clackity school shoes and popped into the bathroom ... just too late to see Charis pull herself to a standing position in her baby tub!

Fortunately, she did it again while I was sitting there. It was amazing. I've never seen anything like it. She just grabbed the front of the tub and pulled herself up. Unfortunately, I didn't get my camera. Maybe next bathtime we'll see if we can replicate it.


Janine the Bean said...

Wow. She really is Super Baby. That's incredible. We have some friends whose baby did that at around 6 months. It was freaky.

Simeon's....almost sitting up. ;)

Mainely Me said...

Wow! Does she sit up by herself? I'm assuming she does. Why can't they stay babies just a little longer?