Uncle Aaron Sightings

So, my kids seem a little obsessed with sightings of Uncle Aaron. The other day, after someone noticed that Olympic swimmer Aaron Piersol (left) looked a lot like uncle Aaron, Dietich said, "There are a lot of people who look like Uncle Aaron!

Maybe it's the way he carries himself -- that certain je ne sais quois. Maybe it's that all Southern California all-American charm. Maybe it's because he keeps changing his look.

One way or the other, here's my all time favorite Uncle Aaron sighting.

It's probably good for him or her that I can't remember which of my kids made the sighting, but I do remember that they all agreed.

(If the video is down, click here for a version from do-groove.com)

You've got a few years Uncle Aaron, but one day, baby ...


Edewards Family Blog said...

Ok. That was hilarious. But seriously, that is the kind of stuff I have to put up with all the time. Spontaneous moments of fun for Aaron, shear embarrassment for me. Yeah, all you have to do is look at how he came home yesterday. Imagine my surprise to open the door to a red headed stranger. Lucy just glared at him and wouldn't let him hold her (she warmed up after a while).

JPB said...

Do you know who the "red headed stranger" aludes to? Google it.

Janine the Bean said...

I googled it. How interesting.

Okay Jon, that is so funny. Jodi and I watched it together and I could not stop laughing. That guy looks so much like Aaron. The video is awesome and the resemblance is striking.

I'm going to see what the boys think.