A Few More Photos

Here are are a few final photographs from the trip.

First, one from Klamath Falls near Paul and Beth's house that stuck with me ... can't quite figure out why.
A few from Newport, OR.

This is one of my favorite of the whole trip. I'm sure Jordyn would remember the salamander's name.
Here are a few shots wherein I was experimenting with the technique of zooming the lens while shooting at a relatively slow shutter speed. In the case of these, around 1/25 - 1/40 sec. I think it works really well in the woods, though I wouldn't say any of these quite got there for me. The picture of the bamboo forest from the first half of vacation was much better. Nonetheless, I would be curious to know if anyone thinks any of the below are more or less visually interesting than the others and why. I do have my own ideas, but am curious to see if they would be confirmed by other viewers.


The Six of Us said...

Jon, did you save your favorite shots for last? I do that sometimes. Those are great! The salamander one is amazing!
I like the zoom ones too: the key is to name them. Isn't that how indistinguishable art works? (hee hee)

Janine the Bean said...

Can you put the tree photos in a slideshow?

I am drawn to numbers one and four the most.

Number one is really interesting to me as there's a small focal point beyond the tree that's not as blurred. It makes me feel as if I'm racing towards that...to see what's beyond the tree.

Number four is the same with a small point of clarity...but the blur is different.

Anyhow, I liked those two the most as it was drawing my eye beyond the blur and it seemed like it was drawing me INTO the photo.

I'm no photography critic. That's just the way they made me feel.

I also liked five with the focus on the moss, but in the case of that photo, it seemed to be pushing me OUT. The tree in the middle and the focus on the solid object with green, as well as the green that appeared to be shooting out from the tree, pushed me away.

Does that make sense?

I'm interested to hear what your favorites are and why.

Jennifer said...

They all make me feel like I'm racing away from stormtroopers on a speeder about to meet the ewoks!

Paul & Beth said...

that's funny jennifer, that's what I was thinking!