Quote of the Day 7/13/08

The Brendas and Eddies of yesterday, who long ago "bought a couple of paintings from Sears," and the Brendas and Eddies of today, buying their wall decorations at Target. Those who moved out and wish they hadn’t; those who didn’t move out and wish they had. Those who didn’t start the fire but lived through it.

A few nights from now they will file into a doomed stadium that will be remembered as much for its tragicomedies as for its triumphs. They will fill those uncomfortable seats. And when a short, stocky, bald man appears onstage, they will roar in recognition.

Dan Berry in "Just the Way He Is" NYT, 7/13/08

Good article on Billy Joel for those who enjoy his music. I would probably call Billy Joel 'my first Bob Dylan'.

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Janine the Bean said...

What a great article. I have to admit, I am still taken by the man, even though he's old, bald, and wrinkled. I really enjoyed reading that. Thanks.

So are you in California yet?