In Santa Clarita!

Well, we decided to do something unprecedented and drive through the night twice.

And we made it to the West Coast safe and sound!

We left Thursday night after Dietrich's wrestling camp (short little just for fun camp) and arrived in Colorado Springs a little before dinner time. The only set backs were:

a bit of a pull to the right in the van's alignment,

hitting a racoon (which nearly tore our plastic under covering off,

and a little incident following Nora's weepy report that her throat hurt, our attempt to tell her that was ridiculous, and her demonstration all over her car seat, her clothes and the van of what she means when she says "My throat hurts." Now we know, too.

A trip to WalMart for some Febreeze and a makeshift bathroom laundering later we were on our way.

But we've had several Bob Wiley-like false alarms since.

We spent a nice time with Brian and Jen Thomasson in Colorda Springs.

They also have five kids ... but we're going to have to keep our eyes on little Will Thomasson after he suggested this activity with Nora:

(In Will's defense, she didn't object!)

We got on the way from their place at about 11:30 in the morning on Saturday, intending to stop somewhere in NV, but the idea of saving a little money on a hotel room and the effectiveness of Benadryl in knocking our kids out flat caused us to push on and we rolled into S. California this morning around breakfast time.

We spent the early morning at Huntington Gardens then made our way to Santa Clarita.

Tommorrow we'll likely visit The Master's College and then work our way down the coast to Aneheim where we will meet up with Jen's parents. Then Tuesday ... we're going to Disneyland!

PS -- For those of you who are soccer fans, AC Milan is apparently in town as they're staying at our hotel. Anyone's autograph I should get?


Edewards Family Blog said...

Aaron said he will pay for a soccer ball if you will buy one and have it autographed by whoever you can. He is collecting things for his office (someday). If you could great, if not no big deal.

Janine the Bean said...

Glad to hear you made it safely. Dominic also told us he needed to throw up by saying his throat hurt. It was right before bed time, so I thought he was just stalling. The result was him throwing up all over his bed.

I can't believe you drove through the night twice. You guys are hardcore travellers. Our friends who are moving across the country to Missouri are taking a week to get there. I'll have to tell them about your trip.

Have fun!

Oh, and that picture of Nora with the little boy is too cute.

Mainely Me said...

Also happy to hear you are safely in SoCal! Sorry about the 'sore throat' episode. Throw up issues were always a trial for me, and in the car.... . Glad it wasn't strep, though. Have FUN at Disneyland. That picture of Nora and Will...I'll need a printable version of that. Just look at her face! Darling.

marybeth said...

I am so sad I missed you while you were in my town. I was just over at Master's a few weeks ago for the first time in years.....OH how time flies!