The Light Princess and the Dark Sleeper

Nora walked into the room the other day and said, "Charis is a really dark sleeper."

Now having read a few sci-fi fantasy books in my time ... this phrase "dark sleeper" seemed really odd and I thought I must not have heard her right, so I said, "What, Nora?"

She said, "Charis is a really dark sleeper. See? She's really asleep."

Finally I figured out that what we had here was the opposite of a light sleeper.

The whole exchange reminded me of George MacDonald's "The Light Princess" (a story that Nora often brings to mind of anyway). If you haven't read it and are looking for a nice summer read, click on the link above. It's available from Christian Classics Ethereal Library as a pdf.


Mainely Me said...

That will become a household term with Dad and I. Dark Sleep; I love it! Nora reminds me of Jodi. She used to say things that made me say, "What did you say?" Followed by an explanation that made perfect sense, just not what you expected.

Jodi said...

I STILL have a problem getting people to understand me the first time around!
I need to visit McDonald children stories again now that I have children.
I can't wait to see those kiddos.