If I had more pictures of Charis I would post them. Sorry. For some reason I just haven't had my camera out.

No, you know what it is? I'm waiting for the time to be able to do some sort of studio photo shoot and not just taking snapshots. I'll take a couple snapshots soon.

She is a strong little girl. She can hold her head up when she's on her tummy now and I tried standing her up at the couch and she can hold that for quite a while! Then she collapses like one of those little push-button collapsing wooden dolls.

She puts her fist in her mouth a lot.

She doesn't coo anymore but she still likes to talk.

She still pretty much smiles on command so people always take her at open houses.

She loves large social gatherings where she'll just sit in someone's arms and watch. In fact, the only times she's ever really thrown a fit (not owing to gas or one of us knocking her head into something while carrying her around) is when we leave such a gathering.

Well, that's all I can think of for now.


Mainely Me said...

Thanks for the update! Give her a Grammy hug and tell her that I would love to hold her, sit on the fringes of a crowd and observe with her.
I like the collapsing toy description.

Edewards Family Blog said...

Well, she should have a blast while you are here. Just the four of us kids and our families would be considered a large gathering in my opinion. 8 adults and 14 kids. We are outnumbered!