Men's Retreat 2008

Saturday Morning
The Servant Branch of the People of Praise had our bi-annual Men's retreat this past weekend.

It's a spring retreat.

There were two inches of snow on the ground.


It did take away from the joy of walking around outside, praying with the loons, or meditating on springtime glory and freshness. But it was a great weekend nonetheless.

The theme of the conference was "hope" and we had talks on the book of Revelation, personal encounters with the risen Christ, and the person of John the Baptist.

Other highlights of the weekend for me included talks with other men ranging from how to be a better father to the best way to get to Millauke (by train, apparently).

The food was ... well ... camp food. Below are my photographic meditations on Sunday Brunch.
Meditation 1

Meditation 2

By the time we were leaving it was snowing again!

But I arrived home to find that my parents had made it safely through from Fargo so they are staying for a couple of days before heading off for a business trip in the South and East.


J.J. said...
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Janine the Bean said...

Mmmm...sassage and donuts...Mmmmm.

Are those eggs or is that a sponge on your plate?