A Trip to Chouleng

After church Sunday we stopped by Chouleng Asian Foods on University Avenue.

The original idea was to pick up some pot-stickers for a quick lunch.

But we were met at the door by an overwhelming smell of fresh fish, produce, and that musky 'Asian' smell.

So we decided (OK, Anna and Emily and I decided) to pick up some really weird stuff and try to make soup.

We saw thing ranging from Green Shell Mussels (for only $5 a box!) to fresh duck, head on (also amazingly cheap). But decided on the following:


Octopus over Rice Noodles (We one pound of whole octopi, scooped out of a big barrel)
Pot Stickers


Oriental Sausage
Bok Choy
Oyster Mushrooms
Chicken Feet
Green Onions
1 Jalapeno Pepper

The octopus were good, but I would do them differently next time. The pot-stickers are always good and sort of to my surprise, the soup was great! (Though it was a little spicy for everyone but me. So I ended up taking it to school -- there's still a little bit of Calvin in me I guess.)

Here are some pictures:




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