Nora's Natural Theology

Nora, sitting in the backseat monologing, on seeing a low lying cloud bank covering the mountains on the horizon:

Hey, look! It's the mountain where I used to live ... with God ... and was happy and joyful ... all by myself ... And I was magical, but now I amn't.


Jan said...

Oh, Son, was your breath taken away and your eyes filled with tears of wonder and longing?

JPB said...

I know, isn't it amazing? I'm not one for too much weirdness in that direction, but ... WHAT did she just say?

And what's she thinking? And how?

I was pretty amazed. I wrote it down on my hand so I wouldn't forget.

You'll like the next quote, too.

Earth Faerie said...

Wow, that's really intriguing & wonderful. It reminds me of "a Death in the Family"--can you ever go home after you've left? In this case, it would seem as if the answer is yes. It also reminds me of Peter Pan, & the strange longing associated w/ that story.